Why LPR Land Services

We believe in using local resources to reduce overhead, which creates a better value for our client.    We are proud to say that more than 80% of our Pennsylvania workforce is local to the region.  

LPR Land Services has the knowledge and experience when it comes to navigating the problems and pitfalls in the Appalachian Basin. 

We have been actively working in the Basin since 2008. Throughout that time, we have spent our own capital building and training a qualified land service team. 

Quality Control

Since simple mistakes can cost our clients thousands of dollars, we make sure that every project goes through a multi-stage review process.  This process ensures that we can deliver our clients an accurate product in a consistent format every time.

Meeting Your Demands

We provide superior service in all aspects of what we do. Every land service project is unique and should be handled accordingly. This is why we work closely with every client to ensure we meet their expectations.

We are in the service industry and we understand that our people are our assets. This is why everyone at LPR Land Services must achieve a level of excellence.